Daniel Tarnowski

Sports & Adventure

Meet Daniel Tarnowski

Based out of Calabasas, California, Daniel Tarnowski is a passionate community leader, experienced account executive, and a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie and adventurer. Daniel has been athletic his whole life. In high school, he participated in a number of sports, including track and field and wrestling. He was also a member of the civil air patrol where he successfully completed multiple skydive search and rescue missions. 

To Daniel, the feeling that occurs when you’re barreling through the air at incredible speeds is one that can’t be matched—though not for lack of trying. Years later, he still chases adrenaline, preferring high stake sports like racing cars and snowboarding, or any activity that allows him to go fast. Spending time away from the screen, connecting with nature and those around him is important to Daniel Tarnowski. He recognizes the privilege of living in a state as gorgeous and varied as California where he can travel to some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. in just a few hours.

If you’re looking for Daniel, you can most likely find him at one of his community’s various nonprofit organizations. He is also an active participant at his church and has completed multiple mission trips overseas, helping to build wells and provide aid to suffering communities. When he’s at home in Calabasas, he is typically at his church planning a fundraising event or organizing an adoption day at one of the cities local animal shelters. As an experienced salesman, he loves being able to use his skills to place animals with good, loving families. 

In his professional life, Daniel Tarnowski has over a decade of experience as a real estate professional, and over twenty years of experience in sales. His first ever job was as a cold-caller for his father’s company when he was still in high school. The early exposure to the world of sales and successful techniques helped set Daniel up for a prosperous career. To date, he has worked as an account executive, manager, and as a VP, for multiple companies. 

Daniel Tarnowski also possesses experience as an entrepreneur. He previously developed and owned three companies, an automotive dealership, a repossession company, and a security business. While some of his businesses were more successful than others—the security company reported an average monthly revenue of 50K—he found that the skills he developed as an entrepreneur has made him a more effective salesman and business leader. 

To read all about Daniel Tarnowski’s experience as an adventurer and sportsman, be sure to check out his blog!